Breast and buttocks augmentation without surgery

Minimally invasive treatment with hydrophilic gel

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Breast and buttocks augmentation without surgery

The innovative form of treatment in profile

Giving your buttocks or breasts an attractive curve does not have to involve major surgery. At BO-Aesthetics, we rely on a minimally invasive treatment for butt or breast augmentation, using injected gel to provide a natural and attractive result without surgery.

We rely on a patented and hydrophilic implant that provides volume and fullness in the implanted area. In addition to filling up your buttocks or breasts, the gel is also used to compensate for asymmetries in your body, for example after liposuction. It consists of 98.0 percent physiological saline solution and 2.0 percent 3D polyamide biopolymer. This makes the gel for breast or buttock augmentation absolutely biocompatible and it degrades independently after a few years. After the minimally invasive procedure, the gel implant provides a firmer and rounder appearance of the buttocks or breasts.

In this way, give your feminine silhouette a special appeal and increase your quality of life through feminine curves with an absolutely symmetrical effect. The BO-Aesthetic team will be happy to advise you personally and develop a coordinated individual treatment concept for you. With this we achieve the best possible result without you having to think about cosmetic surgery for a buttock or breast augmentation.

Treatment type
Minimally invasive
Treatment duration
1-2 hours
Local anesthesia
1-2 days
Avoid for 3 weeks


Discover through our photos how natural breast or buttock augmentation looks without surgery.

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