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Our philosophy

Your body deserves more!

True beauty is individually defined and depends mainly on whether you feel really good in your skin. We would like to contribute to this as an experienced partner for aesthetic medicine in Cologne, throughout Germany and abroad.

BO-Aesthetics is your expert in aesthetic medicine and as specialists in minimally invasive procedures, would like to help you achieve a new body awareness. We develop a treatment concept for you that fits your individual aesthetic desires and promotes a new attitude towards life.

We want to bring out the most beautiful and striking features that distinguish your personality and your being. With the most modern techniques such as thread lifting or the use of Botox and Hyaluron, BO-Aesthetics helps you to prevent the causes of aging.

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Our treatments

Hyaluron, Botox, surgeries and more


Hyaluron is not only known from skin care, aesthetic medicine is also increasingly resorting to it. Injectable hyaluron can be used to compensate for the loss of firmness of natural tissue to help you look younger. It is not used to treat so-called static wrinkles, but also to perform volume treatments (e.g. cheeks, lips).

BO-Aesthetics will be happy to show you the advantages of a treatment with hyaluron in a first, personal consultation.

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BO-Aesthetics team masters several methods to enhance your beauty with state-of-the-art surgical procedures. We perform all operations with the highest precision and conscientiousness to give you a new quality of life through natural-looking beauty. We will be happy to develop the ideal treatment concept for you, which takes into account your aesthetic wishes and is adapted to your circumstances.

We would like to succeed in emphasizing your self-confidence and well-being in your own body and to experience your beauty in a new way. Only this goal can lead to a treatment that satisfies you completely and ensures joy and enthusiasm for your new beauty. After all, you should be able to live your new aesthetics properly from the inside out.

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